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    Direct KULT store to buy “NOW”:

    Eddie Amador vs Eddie Cumana Present
    Is gonna be one of those songs that will get your dancefloor LIVING!

    Superstar producer/dj Eddie Amador and New Star to be Papa Joe (Papa Joe Aviance if you are Nasty!) are joined by KULT’s elite squad of hit makers Alan T and Eddie Cumana on this forthcoming dancefloor smash written by Eddie Amador and Papa Joe!

  2. 5 years ago 

    Stuart Bridges aka The Underdog aka voodobot brings u a nasty techno track with minimal tribal undertones and hypnotic techy house sounds to set the tone for his 4th forthcoming Album on KULT Records.

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    New York based imprint, KULT Records, was founded with the concept of releasing the highest quality of dance music to an ever changing and fast-paced global dance community.

    "KULT Records is among the savvy labels leading the way" Billboard Mag

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    "It does not matter what we do until we accept ourselves. Once we accept ourselves, it does not matter what we do."
    - Charly Heavenrich
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    Gabriel Robella - Latino America - Out NOw!

    Gabriel Robella - Latino America - Out NOw!

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